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Geriatric Care in Aurora, CO

Senior Couple Consulting the Doctor - Aurora Medical in Aurora, CO
Aurora Family Practice Group has been in the Aurora area, serving our senior patients for over 30 years. In order to provide excellent senior care, we attend regular meetings that focus on the health and care of the senior population. We also have years of experience caring for those who are 70, 80, 90 and even more than 100 years of age.
We focus on preventative health and encourage regular physical exams (wellness exams) and promote healthy lifestyle habits. For those who do have medical problems, we will evaluate most non-emergent issues in our office. When it is necessary we have very good relationships with the best specialists in the area and will help our patients get seen and evaluated in a timely manner.
Many our patients also have chronic medical problems that need ongoing therapy and evaluation such as; diabetes, hypertension, chronic heart and lungs diseases to name a few. We follow current, up to date guidelines in the management of these issues and stay current with new therapies and recommendations to best help our patients.